Corporation Introduction

We aim to be the best public service provider.
A city is where we live.
A city must provide all the necessities of life.
A city must ensure that housing and work exist harmoniously and closely to each other.
The Gyeonggi Housing and Urban Development Corporation transforms itself to become a public service provider that solves the housing problems of Gyeonggi residents.
We strive to create a new living environment where people do not need a loan to find a place to live and to fulfill our social responsibilities, which are housing stability and job creation for Gyeonggi residents.
The Gyeonggi Housing and Urban Development Corporation will create a new Gyeonggi-do where work, life, and rest coexist for the balanced development and bright future of 31 cities and counties.

Purpose of establishment

To construct a desirable community to live in and contribute to improving the welfare of residents
  • Mission - Delightful Spaces, Friendly Living Gyeonggi
  • Vision - Pleasant City Maker GH, The Good Developer
  • Business Areas

  • Acquisition, development, reserving, supply, lease, and management of land for residential land development
  • Creation and management of industrial complexes
  • Construction, supply, lease, and management of homes
  • Reorganization and remodeling of urban spaces
  • Services commissioned by the central and local governments
  • History

  • December 1997 Corporation founded
  • March 2004 Commences construction of the Paju LCD Industrial Complex
  • November 2007 Commences construction of Gwanggyo New City
  • December 2007 Changes the corporation’s CI and name changed
    (Gyeonggi Innovation Corporation → Gyeonggi Urban Innovation Corporation)
  • March 2013 Commences construction of Godeok International New Town
  • January 2014 Commences construction of Dasan New City
  • March 2016 Commences construction of Pangyo Techno Valley II
  • December 2019 Participates in New Town Phase III
  • July 2020 Changes the corporation’s CI and name
  • Adress

    Address : (Gweonseon-dong) 46, Gwonjung-ro, Gwonseon-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, 16556