New City

map_eng It was a big challenge for a local public corporation to take charge of the construction of new cities, which had been led by the central government. New town development requires a comprehensive plan that creates culture and living areas beyond residential space.
We promote the balanced development of 31 cities and counties in Gyeonggi as well as play a leading role in restructuring urban spaces to ensure that homes and workplaces exist within close distance by building social overhead capital, convenient facilities, and public facilities.
  • Gwanggyo New City
  • Namyangju Dasan New City
  • Dongtan New Town II
  • Godeok International New Town
  • New Town Phase III (Gwacheon, Gwacheon; Gyosan, Hanam; Wangsuk, Namyangju; Changneung, Goyang, etc.)
  • Gwanggyo New City

  • Urban Development

    We expand infrastructure in areas that have been left behind in development and build a cultural infrastructure to invigorate Gyeonggi-do to become a better place to live, such as housing and work within close distance.
  • Goyang Broadcasting Valley
  • Goyang Ilsan Techno Valley
  • Goyang Tourism & Culture Complex
  • Gwanyang High School, Anyang
  • Indeogwon, Anyang
  • Gwangju Railway Station Areas
  • Goyang Broadcasting Valley
  • Industrial Complex

    We are changing the industrial trends in Gyeonggi-do by developing industrial complexes in the right place and the right time with the aim to maximize the local economy and job creation.
    We are contributing to the establishment of Gyeonggi-do's innovative startup ecosystem and job creation by building urban high-tech industrial complexes centered on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, such as Pangyo Techno Valley II.
  • Pangyo Techno Valley II
  • Pyeongtaek Poseung (BIX), Hwanghae Free Trade Zone
  • Yeoncheon Euntong BIX
  • Gwangmyeong Siheung Hi-Tech R&D Complex
  • Anseong SME Industrial Complex
  • Gyeonggi Yangju Techno Valley
  • Pangyo Techno Valley II
  • Housing

    For the housing stability of Gyeonggi residents, the Gyeonggi Housing and Urban Development Corporation integrates all of its technologies and know-how into creating future-oriented premium residential complexes and new housing spaces that ensure a healthy and comfortable life.
    We are continuously pursuing the policy goal of providing premium quality apartments at reasonable prices.
  • Wirye Jayeon & Raemian
  • Gwanggyo Jayeon & Hillstate
  • jayeon&
  • Jayeon &
  • Housing Welfare

    We are introducing new rental housing models to make Gyeonggi-do a place that eliminates worry about housing and ensures happiness for even those who live in a rented house. We deliver heartwarming residential welfare to our residents by providing Gyeonggi Happy Home and national/permanent/public rental apartments across Gyeonggi-do
    Furthermore, we are developing various rental housing models such as rental apartments for the middle class to stabilize the real estate market.
  • Rental Apartment for the Middle Class
  • National Rental Apartment
  • Gyeonggi Happy Apartment
  • Public Remodeling Rental Apartment
  • Buy and Lease Reconstructed Apartments
  • Buy and Lease Redeveloped Apartments
  • Buy and Lease Existing Apartments
  • Long-term Lease (Jeonse) of Existing Apartments
  • Loan for Jeonse Deposit
  • Haetsal Housing
  • G-Housing Remodeling
  • Home Remodeling for the Severely Disabled
  • Old Home Remodeling for Urban Regeneration
  • Suwon Gwanggyo Gyeonggi Happy Apartment

  • Commissioned Projects

    The Gyeonggi Housing and Urban Development Corporation, which has been commissioned by Gyeonggi-do Province as well as other municipal governments, is strengthening its professional capabilities and diversifying business through commissioned projects. Based on our professional management capabilities, we customize commissioned projects to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • New Gyeonggi-do Office Building
  • Gwacheon Knowledge & Information Town
  • Gyeonggi Health Environment Research Center Building
  • Yeoninsan Provincial Park
  • Pocheon Gomorie Design Cluster
  • Main Libraries in Gyeonggi-do
  • New Gyeonggi-do Office Building